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  • BIAS: Saturday, 30th of July
  • General Aviation Exhebition: 29-30 July
  • 100 aircrafts performing or in static display
  • 250 elite pilots and paratroopers
  • Participants from 9 different countries

The greatest air show taking place in Romania – Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition will occur Saturday, the 30th of July 2016 on Bucharest Baneasa International Airport – Aurel Vlaicu and it is organized by: Bucharest Airports National Company, the Romanian Air Forces, the Romanian Air Club, ROMAERO, Sports Club AIBO and ROMATSA.  

The 8th edition of the most impressive airshow in Romania unfolds under the auspice of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment. BIAS 2016 gathers together more than 100 civil and military aircrafts, in air performances or static display, as well as 250 pilots and paratroopers.

 BIAS 2016 will be a showdown of mathematical and air-performances precision, where the most skillful military and civil pilots originating from Romania, Spain, Ukraine, the Czech-Republic, the USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria and Lithuania will enchant the public with some spectacular tricks and outstanding demonstrations, together with a number of aircrafts in static display.

Our special guests for this year’s edition are:

  • The Spanish Airforce – presents an F 18 “Hornet”, a military aircraft used for their full flight display. The public will also have the opportunity to admire an F 18 transport Construcciones Aeronauticas plane CN-235 in the static display of Baneasa International Airport.
  • The Ukrainian Airforce – comes with a “Suhoi Su 27 Flakers”, a high performance military engagement aircraft, designed to impose aerial supremacy in conflict areas. The audience will have the opportunity to admire this aircraft not only while performing, but also in the static display. The Ukrainian Airforces will also expose a transport aircraft, Antonov An 26.
  • The Czech-Republic Airforce- performs with a “Saab 39 Gripen”, a modern aircraft with multiple abilities, used for military operations such as: ground and air engagement as well as reconnaissance. The Czech Airforces will also fly an L-159 ALCA, an autochthonous multifunctional engagement aircraft.  
  • The US Airforces- participates with an “F15 Eagle”, an American aircraft for tactical engagement, designed to penetrate enemy airspace in order to get military authority. The F 15 aircrafts will be seen in the static display. Furthermore, the American airforces will also expose a “Hercules C-130 Alabama National Guard. 
  • The Greek Airforce- will participate with a “Mirage 2000”, a French fighter designed for dogfight, soil engagement and reconnaissance. The above aircraft can be seen in the static display.
  • The Bulgarian Airforce- will participate with a “Suhoi Su 25”, a famous jet designed to assure aerial support for terrestrial forces. The public can admire the above aircraft in the static display.

At BIAS 2016, professionals from the elite of the Romanian Airforce will perform a show at the leg of MIG 21 Lancer, IAR 99, “Soim”, IAR 316, IAK 52, IAR 330 PUMA, C 130 Hercules and C 27 Spartan. The audience will also have the opportunity to observe aerial police exercises as well as exercises for aerial assault, executed by the Romanian Airforce.

The air show’s quality is guaranteed by the presence of Romanian Air Club’s aces - Hawks of Romania, Tricolours Eagles, The Pelicans, White Wings, along with Blue Wings paratroopers.

Artistic of aerobatic flights, the Austrians from Flying Bulls will perform with two unique aircraft: F4U Corsair and B-25 Mitchell.

The Lithuanian Jurgis Kairys, multiple world champion in aerobatics, is attending BIAS 2016.

During the event, the famous Aerobatic Yakers will perform their unique show which includes pyrotechnic effects, music and lights.

Also at BIAS 2016, the public will admire masterfully and safely executed aerobics by pilots of the national air transport company, TAROM.

Pilots and aircraft which belong to aviation structures from the Ministry of Internal Affairs can be seen at the air show.

High profile names in Romanian’s aviation elite from the Civil Aviation College ae also included among the air show’s participants.

As of Friday morning, the fourth edition for general aviation exhibition - General Aviation Exhibition, opens its gates for the public at Băneasa Airport, where manufacturers and owners of aircraft and general aviation service providers will display dozens of civilian aircraft, from ultralight planes, to business jets.

BIAS 2016 ends Saturday evening, when, starting 10 p.m., Mircea Baniciu, Vlady Cnejevici & Teo Boar, and Nicu Alifantis will invite the public for two super concerts at Băneasa Airport.


Free access is available through Romaero. No parking is provided!

We recommend public transport (RATB lines 112, 131, 148, 149, 205, 261, 301, 304, 335, 605, and RATB express lines 780, 783).


Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/BucharestInternationalAirShow/ 


Organizers:    Ministry of Transports  -                    Bucharest Airports National Company;

Romanian Air Club;


AIBO Sports Club.

Ministry of National Defence -           Romanian Air Force.

Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment - Romaero.

Ministry of National Defence - Romanian Air Force.

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Bucharest, 26 March
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