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Aurel Vlaicu, a pioneer of international civil aviation

Bucharest Airports National Company (BANC) celebrated the International Civil Aviation Day by an event dedicated to the personality of Aurel Vlaicu. Thus, organized in partnership with the Romanian Aerospace Foundation the exhibition "Aurel Vlaicu, a pioneer of international civil aviation."
The inauguration took place on Monday, December the 8th , 2014, in the gallery room of Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (BHCIA) by providing our passengers with the opportunity to admire Vlaicu mock-up (1908-1909), airplane Vlaicu I model (1910-1911), airplane Vlaicu II model (1911 -1913) and airplane Vlaicu III model (1914-1916).
On this occasion, the participants could participate in a raffle with prizes provided by our company.
This is an approach that we intended to bring to the attention of passengers of the largest airport in Romania a piece of history of world aeronautics, Romanian engineers and inventors being the pioneers of aircraft construction field.

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Bucharest, 10 December
Local time: 21:53

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Airport Location

Bucharest Băneasa-Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is located in the North side of Bucharest city .

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