Bucharest Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport

28 August 2015

Aerophobia can be healed!

Bucharest Airports National Company launched, during the event “Aerophobia can be healed!” a pilot program that aims to treat anxiety during flight, in partnership with SC TAROM S.A. and PsyCons. This pilot project intending to treat the fear of traveling by plane has been shaped in order to pass on to the public the company's interest for passenger comfort, and comprises sessions where psychotherapists and aeronautical personnel will explain directly and through videos how safe air transport is.

Since humor is the best therapy, the pilot program opened with a comic touch, a peculiar flight attendant presented to the audience a more artistic training. The goal was more than obvious, namely, to send positive energy and a message of encouragement to all those who fear flying.

The team of psychologists involved in this program planned, through the pilot sessions, to enable passengers with aerophobia to precisely identify the object of their fear, to understand each flight phase and know the highly developed technological systems that make the safest type of travel experience according to statistics possible and, finally, to fly accompanied by the psychotherapist and experienced flight personnel.

The sessions will run for a total period of 6 weeks, lasting about 2-4 hours each and, according to the team of psychologist’s prediction, the success rate in treating this phobia will certainly be high.

The opening of this pilot project raised a lot of interest, both by the media, and the general public, which is perfectly understandable, given that the percentage of people suffering from this phobia is quite high (one in five). The first participants to this program were selected before the official opening, following that, considering the results, the course will be introduced to the general public. Those wishing to treat flight anxiety will be able to access information and enrollment conditions on www.bucharestairports.ro website and Facebook official page, www.facebook.com/BucAirports