Bucharest Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport

02 February 2016

Happy birthday, CNAB!

On February 5, 2010, a new entity was born into the world of civil aviation. Baptized as Bucharest Airports National Company, the newborn opened the eyes and precociously understood what was to be done to evolve rapidly. She quickly learned a few words, such as quality, performance, excellence, which she could use as soon as she was one year old, making sentences like: "I opened the Finger terminal."

When she was two, the little one already needed more space and fluently used complex expressions such as: "The new Departures Terminal was completed in a record time of 17 months." Very soon, she became the star in BIAS event. Being a good and very responsive child, CNAB, as her friends use to call her, was rewarded with all kinds of awards: "Safety Partner" (ACI Airport Excellence), Euro Annie Award in the "Fastest Growing Airport" category, ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation, Level 2 – Reduction, and many more.

CNAB will be six in February and this age comes with some big changes in the child’s development: our baby-girl has different needs now, she wants to know the world, to understand the people outside her family, to work in a constant group of children alike without parental mediation. And yet, she still likes to be told bedtime stories, the favorite one for this year being "Taxi Blues". We told her this story on her birthday, along with all our love and "Happy Birthday!" wishes.