National Company Bucharest Airports

20 March 2014


Shareholders General Assembly

Petru Mărculeț
Victor Badea 
Fondul Proprietatea

Administration Board - temporary administrators

  1. Dan Baciu
  2. Mihai Hură
  3. Dan Valentin Gheorghe
  4. ​Florian Daniel Geantă
  5. Georgeta Bumbac
  6. Narcis Neaga
  7. Costel Preda

Management of Bucharest Airports National Company

  1. Traian Panait - General Director - temporary, starting by 04.10.2018
  2. Cristian  Alexe - Deputy General Director for Airport Operations and Infrastructure Maintenance
  3. Ursu Cosmin Marcel - Deputy General Director for Airport Security
  4. Dragoș Brezeanu - Director of Finances, Accounting, Economic Analysis and Airport Development
  5. Radu Bondar - Director of Quality, Safety, Environment and Labor Protection
  6. Vasilescu Adrian ȘtefanOperational Director for Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport
  7. Mihai Lazăr - Technical and Maintenance Director
  8. Commercial, Acquisitions and International Relations Director
  9. Violeta Simionescu - Legal and Human Resources Director
  10. Elena-Carmen Rădulescu - Protocol Director
  11. Nicușor-Viorel Roșca - Operational Director for Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport