National Company Bucharest Airports

25 August 2016

Life between two planes - famous aviators

The Danish comedian Victor Borge once said that “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”. This is what made us organize an exhibition of caricatures that puts a smile on our passengers’ and colleagues’ faces. Consequently, on Wednesday, August 24, we inaugurated the satirical graphics exhibition "Life between two planes - famous aviators", signed by the Union of Cartoonists, the largest association or satirists drawers of Romania, member of Federation of Cartoonists Organizations.

The exhibition, which brings together important names from the Romanian and international cartoon domain, winners of numerous international awards (Cristian Topan, Puiu Gazdaru, Gabriel Rusu, Pavel Constantin, Eduard Mattes, Doru Axinte, Nicholas Lengher and Liviu Stănilă or Vasile Scripcaru, cartoonist and aviator in World War II), will be hosted on the corridor linking the old Departures Terminal and new Departures Terminal till the end of November.