National Company Bucharest Airports

13 June 2016

Notification regarding the incident on 7th of June 2016

Given the media interpretations concerning the incident at Henri Coanda Airport on 7th of June, 2016, we state the following:

  1. The incident in question consisted of the wrong leading of the Blue Air BMS 9224 passengers, arriving from Kerkyra via Cluj, to the domestic arrivals flow instead of the international arrivals. The error belonged to the handling company employees serving the airline and is currently investigated by the competent authorities.
  2. The responsibility for this incident goes to the handling company, which was inobservant of the procedures. Handling companies are contracted directly by airlines and accountable to their services, but also have the obligation to respect the laws and the procedures of the airport.
  3. This incident was not security related. This kind of incident does not imply a risk to civil aviation security, both passengers and their luggage are screened at the airport of embarkation, according to international law.
  4. The security standard on Henri Coanda Airport is a very good one, approved and certified by multiple international audits; the civil aviation security and protection of passengers, airport facilities and aircrafts are permanently ensured.