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Amateur basketball by airport professionals

With great enthusiasm, we would like to introduce our colleagues that played for Bucharest Airports National Company basketball team: George Niculie - Acquisitions Department, Bogdan Surcel - Operational Department, Florin Popa - Technical Department, Valentin Cioacă - Deputy Commander, Cristian Marian ¬- Deputy Commander and Maria Stănilă - Acquisitions Department.

This spring, the basketball team attended a championship dedicated to corporations. The boys and the only brave girl to attend the competition – Maria - succeeded to win an honorable second place at the end of two months of competition. They played nine matches, scored lots of points and came back with medals.

With enthusiastic and noisy bleachers and a modern play arena, the ASE sports hall was the perfect host of the competition. All the players have had an unprecedented experience, have shown fair play, the competitive spirit motivating them to be very dedicated to the cause.

After many exciting performances with many spectacular moments and great individual executions, CNAB basketball team managed to reach the podium at the end of the championship.

Congratulations to Bucharest National Airport Company’s basketball team!

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Bucharest, 27 March
Local time: 00:00

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