Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport

17 October 2017

Autumn fruitage at the airport

CNAB continued its partnership with the Village Museum and organized, on October ”Autumn fruitage at the airport” fair, the Departures Terminal being enveloped in a specific rural atmosphere. ”Doinița” dancers held an original folk show that attracted passengers and employees alike. The exhibition of traditional objects from "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum collections completed the festive atmosphere, showing a rich craftsmanship of the Romanian Peasant, both in decorating fabrics and embroidery, as well as obtaining vibrant herbal colors.

At the fair, passengers could admire the artistry of traditional craftsmen who held on spot special demonstrations of pottery, lacing, glass and wood icons painting, woodcarving, knitting, and the art of leather shoes manufacturing.

Alexandru Gheorghe Ilinca from Orleşti village, Vâlcea shoes workshop attracted attention from both passengers and the media. Being one of the last craftsmen in the country, master Ilinca told us he learned the handicraft at home where, according to an ancient tradition, the craft is handed down from father to son.

”This event is another way to express our respect for authentic national values and to show foreign passengers a part of the Romanian folk tradition. Bucharest's airports are connected to the calendar of traditions, culture and history, punctuating its essential moments periodically”, said Bogdan Mândrescu, Bucharest National Airport Company General Manager.

Bucharest Airports National Company offered passengers handmade folk souvenirs: beads and Maramureș straw hats.