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1st of June - An airport fairytale with heroes and princesses

When was the last time you walked on the red carpet? How about the first time? Led by a prince while the audience applauses? Since, in our world, princesses and heroes are found only in stories and the red carpet is the prerogative of celebrities and heads of state, we decided to help the little ones feel like a million bucks, at least for one day, and, at the same time, give ourselves the chance to enjoy a little bit of magic.

This year, Children’s Day brought special guests for the airport employee’s children for them to play with, dance with and compete with in entertaining contests: Batman, Spiderman and a lot of princesses. They watched breathlessly the tale of the Flower Fairy, staged by a puppet theater company which, in the end, rewarded their attention by lending them the puppets after the show, for a a free play session. Boys and girls enthusiastically competed at dancing or sport activities, during which the girls team showed a level of competitiveness which is worth to be seriously taken into consideration; one of the girls even came to the party ready to put on the Spiderman suit, not the princess accesories! For everyone to feel a little closer to childhood, the entertainers made sure to incorporate us in the show, by anouncing a spontaneous contest which nobody saw coming: a dance contest between generations – old versus new. The team of juniors easily won this one.

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