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Bucharest International Air Show 2015

On Saturday, June 20, Bucharest International Air Show 2015 was the meeting point for adrenaline, events and limit situations lovers; we are sure they were filled up with good mood, courage, yearning and endless power to face any difficulty.

The figures related to this year's edition show that this tradition must be upheld at all costs. Thus, an early indicator for the interest that BIAS stirs up would be the 27,000 visitors to the web page. The fact that this year we had spotters from Belgium, the Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey could be another indicator. However, the reputation of the air show organized by Bucharest Airports National Company crossed the ocean: "Voice of America" selected a picture of the event for "Day in Photos".

People are silhouetted by a pyrotechnic display at the end of an international air show in Bucharest, Romania, June 20, 2015.


And if the obvious target of all the performers was to go beyond limits, the audience’s reply was a memorable one, too: a record of 150,000 watchers! Such figures bring us joy, encouragement and further commitments, as well. And because we cannot let anybody down, we have already started to work for BIAS 2016...

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Bucharest, 19 January
Local time: 16:45

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