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"If one does not have time for culture, then culture greets him in the airport"

In the morning of October 29, the Departures Terminal of Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport has turned for an hour into a concert hall. Before leaving for a tour in South America, the 70 musicians of Bucharest Symphonic Orchestra have performed wonderfully, taking by surprise the passengers with Dvorak's music and arrangements of Tchaikovsky.

Hence, the National Company Bucharest Airports has organized – “This fall, classic is fashionable!”- an event that music lovers usually meet in concert halls.

The unique atmosphere created by the bustle of instruments, namely the violins, the contrabass and the trombone making place among the airport announcements had shortly taken control of the terminal, pleasing the hearts of passengers, whose statements stand evidence: "It's a great idea and I’d like to enjoy more often this kind of beautiful moments that only concerts bring”, "It's very interesting, an ingenious idea", "I really like it, I sit here enjoying the concert and I have almost forgot about my flight ", "Interesting experiment", “If one does not have time for culture, then culture greets him in the airport!”

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Bucharest, 19 October
Local time: 18:02

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