Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport

15 July 2015

Instructions for automatic payment machine use


▪ The limit of the change which can be released is shown on the display.

▪ For English press 2.

▪ Insert the token into the green lightened slot after its opening.

▪ The machine is ready for the cash payment.

▪ For cancelling the payment operation, press "↑"/F4.


▪ Insert the banknotes, one by one, only when the LEDs’ lights are on

▪ After each operation, the display indicates the remaining amount to be paid.

▪ It is recommended that the inserted amount doesn’t exceed very much the owed amount.

▪ After full payment, please take the token

▪ Take the change (if any) and the receipts issued from the compartment situated at the bottom of the machine. Keep the receipt until you have left the airport area, according to the Law 64 / 2002.

▪ If the machine didn’t have enough money to return the change, go immediately with the issued receipts at the Parking Dispatch (location: the ground floor of the Arrivals parking, exit barriers area).

▪ Do not leave the token into the machine! The paid token will be placed from aboard into the exit barrier reader in order to open it.