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"Airport Pumpkin Fest" third edition

A 9,274,629 passengers per year (2015) airport can be properly considered an area of ​​confluence for many cultures and traditions. Or at least a moment of intersection for several kinds of values, behavior patterns or social, moral, religious, artistic characteristics. Hence, how could we skip a holiday celebrated by millions of people?! Especially when there is a tradition full of interesting stories for mystery fans, giving us a non-religious opportunity to release our imagination and make sweet gifts to our passengers, within the third edition of "Airport Pumpkin Fest".

If the Celtic festivity which is the origin of Halloween was a festival of shadows, which helped the ancient people get in touch with beings from the other world, "Airport Pumpkin Fest" was for us an occasion to "get in touch" with each other, enjoying togetherness in gastronomic-playful-entertaining circumstances. The Celts used to lit sacred fires, leave ritual gifts and make predictions; we cooked, decorated, tasted fine cakes and naturally drove away all the evil spirits that could disrupt airport activity, celebrating Halloween in a convenient local version.

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Bucharest, 11 December
Local time: 15:38

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