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Another Celebration in the Airport

"Our folklore is not only sublime; it also helps you understand everything. It's more academic than all the so-called academic music. And this is somehow a mysteriously unconscious process. There is more harmony than in any other song; unpremeditated harmony… It's tender, ironic, sad, joyful and solemn." This is what George Enescu said and this is what our passengers apparently felt on January 24, enjoying the Unification Round Dance, which was delivered by the "Carpathians Crown" Ensemble.

The 20 minutes of folk art were not enough for the enthusiast public, whose reaction proves the persistent interest in the authentic values ​​and their revival, both among the elderly and the young people. Because the Romanian soul is stored in tradition, entirely preserved with all its particularities. The passengers’ delight encourages us to keep promoting these national assets. Because "CNAB is a value promoter"!

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Bucharest, 27 March
Local time: 00:05

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