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"Romanians Ahead of Time"

Inspired by the words of the famous French architect Gustave Eiffel, who said Henri Coandă was "a prisoner of time", we decided to place the exhibition "Romanians Ahead of Time" on the corridor that connects the old Departures terminal and the new Departures terminal, allowing thus the suggestion of a passage between the inspirational past and the aspirational present.

Octavian Paler said that "Time has the bad habit of being irreversible", but the partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute has made possible a return to those great minds of the Romanians who changed the world and who will be "taken captive" in this time tunnel for three months, as a project of promoting the Romanian values. Moreover, this is the very name of the program we have been successfully running for several years: "CNAB – a value promoter", within which we’re trying to let the world know about the brilliant ideas of Henri Coanda, Ana Aslan, Emil Racovita, Spiru Haret, Gheorghe Ţiţeica, Nicolae Paulescu, Victor Babes and George Emil Palade.

Bucharest, 26 September
Local time: 01:10

9° C7° / 16°

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