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“Relay day”

Bucharest Airports National Company was host for thirty children from Ion Kalinderu collage from Busteni, who fulfilled their dream of becoming, for one day, ground Marshall. Together with the “Terre des hommes” foundation we managed to finalize the sixth edition of the event “Relay day”, celebrating International Children’s Rights Day. The vision of the project is to offer the chance to every child to contribute and influence the important life decisions of his life.

The impact of this experience is most represented by the children’s affirmations:

“I took over the relay! I participated in different labors that happen on Otopeni Airport were I viewed the actual work effort made by the personnel to ensure the passengers an comfortable flight, incident free. I realized that we just see the beautiful and interactive side of things when we travel on board, but behind this exists an entire crew of people taking great responsibility for our safety. All I have seen in this visit impressed me in a very pleasant way.” Bianca Jugănaru, tenth grade

„This event make me thing of a successful carrier and makes me feel very excited. I liked the moment when we were invited to enter an airplane and the information received from the guide. It was a challenge to be surrounded by airplanes. During this day I have learned that the work activity in an airport is not so simple.” Daniel Paraschiv, eleventh grade

„This event make me think of freedom and makes me feel strong. I liked about this day the opportunity of experimenting new things. It was a challenge for me to be between so many airplanes. This day I learned that working in this domain is more tiring and more stressful then I thought and a lot o passion is involved.”  Florentin Oprin, tenth grade

„In this visit I saw how it is to have a job in an airport environment. It was an unique experience and I would do it again. I had the chance of speaking with people that work there and I acquired information that will be useful in the future. I wish for a future in this environment and this airport visit helped me to seriously start learning.” Adelina Vișan, twelve grade

„I wished to participate today because I don’t think I will have this chance again, to see what I have seen. It was wonderful and I want to repeat this experience!!! I thank you for this amazing 4-5 hours!” Alin Huzui, tenth grade

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Bucharest, 13 December
Local time: 02:34

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