Measures applied at the "Henri Coandă" International Airport since May 15

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- passenger information -

  1. Keep in touch with the airline for any flight information! Come to the airport 3 hours before your departure time.
  2. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers shall be disembarked away from the terminal; passengers shall be directed to the waiting tents. The entire passenger route is visibly marked.
  3. The bus station and the taxi / car disembarkation platform have been relocated. The car access to the Departures parking area is also made on a modified flow. These are visibly marked. Attention, due to the works at the railway connection with the North Station, the traffic in the airport area is still diverted!
  4. It is permanently mandatory both to wear a protective mask and to keep a 1.5 meters physical distance from anyone around.
  5. Passengers will go from the tents to the terminal in groups organized by the airport employees, according to the destination and the scheduled time of the flight.
  6. Access to the terminal is allowed only for the passengers arriving in an organized manner, coming from the waiting tents. To keep the 1.5 meters distance, passengers shall follow the instructions of the floor stickers.
  7. Passengers are not allowed to wait in the public area of ​​the terminal. In this regard, all benches in the area have been removed.
  8. After completing the check-in formalities, passengers will follow the usual flow, keeping 1.5 meters away from anyone around. Wearing a mask is mandatory, including during access formalities and security checks.
  9. In the boarding area, the mandatory 1.5 meters space is provided for the passengers.
  10. Transfer buses to / from the aircraft will be occupied at a maximum of 50% of capacity.
  11. The boarding shall be made starting with the farthest row from the airplane door. Disembarkation will be made starting with the row next to the door.
  12. The arrival flow does not change, but access to the terminal of persons other than passengers is not allowed. The obligation to permanently wear a protective mask remains valid, as well as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from anyone around.
  13. For justified reasons (access to toilets, supermarket, purchase of airline tickets, etc.), access to the terminal will also be allowed for persons other than passengers.
  14. Dispensers with disinfectant solutions are located on the entire departures / arrivals flow - we recommend their use especially after security control. The terminal infrastructure in the area is disinfected at least 10 times / day.
  15. Please follow the instructions of the airport staff!
  16. Any changes imposed by the authorities will be immediately implemented and communicated.

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