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Bucharest Airports – traffic still being increased on the international arrivals flow

The number of passengers arriving in the country these days continues to be high, so that the additional fluidization measures taken by CN Aeroporturi București at Henri Coandă Airport are maintained. In the afternoon and evening of December 23, up to 1,700 passengers per hour will arrive, which is why increased number of employees are working, both from CNAB, but also from DSP, Border Police, Gendarmerie and Air Transport Police, while previously announced landing procedures are in use. We recommend that passengers who do not meet the requirement to access the green entry stream - ie do not come from EU countries (plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein) and cannot show a European digital certificate – to go directly at the DSP counters with all medical documents ready in order to minimize control time.

At the same time, Henri Coandă Airport is preparing for the increased traffic on the international departures flow right after Christmas, but especially after January 1st. Thus, all check-in counters and all security control filters and passport control counters are open and operational. At the same time, the airport administrator, CN Aeroporturi București, asked the airlines and handling agents to make the necessary efforts - especially by providing sufficient staff - for the fast processing of passengers and ensuring a smooth traffic at the airport.

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