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Recommendations for the passengers

The estimated increase in the number of passengers on the international departures flow, up to 100% compared to the previous period, imposed measures to increase the processing capacity at Henri Coandă Airport. Thus, all check-in counters as well as all security control filters and passport control counters are open and operational on the departures flow.

At the same time, the airport administrator, CN Aeroporturi București, asked the airlines and handling agents to make the necessary efforts - especially by providing sufficient staff - for the fast processing of passengers and ensuring a smooth traffic at the airport.

We call on all passengers to comply with the measures to combat the CoVid-19 pandemic applicable at the airport, including those regarding the distance and wearing of a protective mask.

We strongly advise passengers to arrive at the airport in advance - at least 3 hours before take-off time - and to have all the necessary documents for the trip, as required by the carrier airline (plane ticket, identity card / passport, testing / vaccination certificates, QR code PLF, etc.). We also ask passengers to show patience and understanding for the efforts of airport staff - authorities in many countries of destination require, at check-in, also the verification of medical documents in addition to the usual ones (CI / passport and plane ticket), which makes the duration of these formalities to be significantly extended.

The arrivals flow also continues to record high values of traffic, similar to those before Christmas. Consequently, in order to reduce the time of document verification at the entry into the country, the measures announced in the previous days are maintained - supplementing the airport, DSP but also Border Police and Gendarmerie staff, using charter flow to maximize capacity, sequential disembarkation of passengers at peak hours.

Most airports in Europe and around the world are facing a similar situation during this period, with the Winter Holidays being a time people traditionally travel the most.


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