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Celebrating Palm Sunday

"Eternity was born in the village" ...

Salt box, small wooden cup, carved dish cabinet, glass icon calendar – these magic words open the door to the world of the village, where Lucian Blaga said that “eternity was born…”; it’s the world where the stories, the looms, the painted eggs, the carved wood, the glass icons and the clay pots come from. We had the chance of seeing these beauties rise before our very eyes in the impromptu workshops at the Departures Building, reminding us of the spiritual treasure we go back to for Easter. On April 25, the first day of the Holy Week, Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport celebrated Palm Sunday in partnership with the Village Museum through a special event, meant to get us closer to the authentic peasant values, bringing back the nostalgic atmosphere from the grandparents’ porch.
It was another first at the airport we won the passengers over with, judging by their interest and joy when being given handmade souvenirs from Bucharest Airports National Company (beads, painted eggs, Maramures straw hats) and also shown on their faces while watching what came out of our craftsmen’s hands. We’ll do it again, for sure!        


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Bucharest, 21 September
Local time: 03:51

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