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New flow for inbound passengers. Streamlining the passenger flows at border checkpoints at Henri Coandă Airport

Fallowing last week’s measures for streamlining passenger flows at border checkpoints on Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest Airports National Company took, earlier this week, a series of operational measures in order to support AIHCB’s Border Police work, who is facing congestion at border checkpoints on the outflow of Romania, during air traffic peak hours.

For passengers’ faster processing at border checkpoints, CNAB management took measures in meeting the operational need of a new transit flow for inbound passengers. This new flow was created by reorganization and use of an already existing flow designed for processing the airport’s extra-Schengen passengers, once Romania becomes a member of the common area of free movement.

Thus, starting Saturday, August 27, 2016, two passenger flows for border control when entering the country are fully operational on Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport, each flow having a number of 10 border control counters.

With the operationalization of the new transit flow, passenger processing capacity at Border Police checkpoints when entering the country almost doubled, from 12 counters on one flow, to 20 counters on two distinct flows. This measure has led to considerable reduction of the waiting time for border control during air traffic peak hours by streamlining passenger flows at border checkpoints.

Also, fallowing last week’s measures, CNAB management requested this week the relocation, on the Departures flow, of a new checkpoint for Border Police, creating two additional counters for outbound passengers.

Bucharest Airports National Company management ensures passengers, airlines and state institutions it has taken all necessary measures for the passengers’ security and deployment of safe airport operations at high standards of quality and professionalism.


Communication Department

Bucharest Airports National Company

Bucharest, 19 October
Local time: 18:42

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