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Streamlining the passenger flows at border checkpoints on AIHCB

Given the large number of passengers transiting Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (Otopeni Airport) in this period, Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) took Friday, August 19, a series of operational measures in order to support AIHCB’s Border Police work, who is facing congestion at border checkpoints on the outflow of Romania, during air traffic peak hours.

Thus, CNAB management in cooperation with the authorities asked for a reorganization and repositioning of border checkpoints, which optimized the current level of control at border police stations.

Also, to support the Border Police’s work, CNAB team installed an additional state boarder control station, creating two new counters for crossing the border, which have already become operational later today. Also, CNAB will install two additional desks in August, which will generate four new border control counters.

Today, CNAB management requested a reconfiguring of the entire area allocated to Border Police, dedicating an additional 100 sq. meters for readjustment of passenger flows accessing border control counters. Thus, by streamlining passenger flows, any congestion that may occur during peak hours is avoided.

Bucharest Airports National Company management ensures passengers, airlines and state institutions it has taken all necessary measures for the passengers’ security and deployment of safe airport operations at high standards of quality and professionalism.


Communication Department

Bucharest Airports National Company

Bucharest, 13 December
Local time: 01:33

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