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  • On May 19, 2016 , the exhibition "Romanians Ahead of Time" was opened, displaying photographs and novel information about Romanian genius whose ideas changed the world in areas such as aviation, medicine, mathematics, education, biology, geography, physics, geriatrics and gerontology. "Romanians Ahead of Time" exhibition was also part of the  European Night of Museums event. Octavian Paler said that "Time has the bad habit of being irreversible", but the partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute has made possible a return to those great minds of the Romanians who changed the world and who will be "taken captive" in this time tunnel for three months, as a project of promoting the Romanian values.
  • Celebrating the National Culture Day is a priority for Bucharest Airports since we are honouring Romania’s historical and cultural events agenda. Moreover, this year we set the tone for the event: the Imago Mundi band, who will perform in New York just to mark this celebration, offered us a preview of their show with a short recital held in the Departures terminal, on Wednesday, 13 of January. The event was organized in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute.
  • Wishing to give our passengers a few special moments promoting the Romanian tradition and values, on Saturday, November 28th, the new Departures Terminal hosted an exceptional artistic performance, a tribute to Maria Tănase, brought by Jezebel, Alexandru Burca (piano) and Dan Incrosnatu (percussion). Covering an extraordinary rich range of vibrations, Izabela Barbu’s voice and her magnetic expressiveness delivered a bit of pure Romanian spirit essence. The event was supported by the partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute.

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