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Extra measures to ensure the mandatory distance between the passengers of Henri Coandă Internat

In order to inform the public on the danger of Coronavirus and to ensure at least 2 metres  between the passengers of Henri Coandă International Airport, there are currently different means of information in the entire terminal, especially in the areas where the passengers are waiting to go through the usual formalities. These are: posters, text markings glued to the floor, videos broadcast on monitors. At the same time, information is constantly transmitted on the sound system, and the airport staff communicates to the passengers the need to keep the distance.

Since the information provided by all passengers entering the country must be verified and endorsed by the Public Health Department, the documents control in the border area is currently significantly longer. Consequently, extra measures have been taken in the airport:
- If two aircrafts arrive at the same time, there will be two different control flows.
- If there are more than two aircrafts arriving at the same time, the passengers of the third flight (and of the others’) will wait on board until the control flow is free.
- In the arrivals area, the waiting lines will be delimitated and the airport staff will be reinforced.
- The Ministry of Internal Affairs will provide border guards to act in the same area.
- The announcements will be made more frequently.
We also appeal to the passengers to respect the meaning of the guiding marks and the indications transmitted both through the sound system and by the staff in the area directly.

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