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Upgrading Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport Infrastructure

Bucharest Airports National Company announces the completion of the repair works at Golf taxiway. Thus, a surface of 6000 sqm degraded asphalt layer was replaced with a new layer of hot-melt asphalt mix.

During this year, there will also be asphalt work for the bordering areas and for the touch-down areas of runway no. 1 (08R-26L), as well as for two of the of the high-traffic runways, Charlie-Golf-November-Bravo and Papa-Whiskey-Oscar. At the same time, the replacement of the degraded cement concrete slabs at the airport Tarmack 1 will be carried out.

The completion of these repair works will increase the operational capacity on the airport movement area 's surface and, at the same time, the operational safety.

At the same time, the completion of the works will allow the upgrading of runway no. 2 (08L-26R) of the airport, as well as repair works to Delta runway.

All work will be carried out so that the impact on the aircraft traffic should be minimal.

Bucharest, 15 August
Local time: 10:49

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